Job: CNA

Title CNA
Job Information

Certified Nursing Assistant

Full Time/Part Time/ PRN

Location: Tabor Hills Healthcare Facility | 1347 Crystal Avenue | Naperville, IL 60563

Phone: 630.778.6677 ext. 1257

Job Function/Responsibilities:

Receive assignment from Supervisor to provide care to residents.

Check residents in section regularly; Answer call lights promptly; Follow through with resident problems or needs by delivering care or reporting to Supervisor, depending upon level of ability and nature of resident’s needs.

Maintain knowledge of resident’s condition at all times; Note significant changes in the condition of residents and take appropriate action; Identify emergency situations and respond with appropriate measures.

Respect resident privacy by knocking and waiting for acknowledgment before entering, by pulling curtains or blinds and by shutting doors to provide privacy when treating residents or assisting with ADLs, etc.; Treat residents with dignity; Explain procedures to resident before administering.

Take and report temperature, pulse, respiration, intake and output to nurse supervisor; Report resident Incidents to immediate supervisor; Communicate requests and problems to appropriate personnel; Take BPs upon request by Supervisor.

Perform range of motion exercise, which increases circulation to prevent pressure sores and contractures from developing.

Follow established infection precautions, adhere to Universal Blood and Body Fluid Precautions.  Follow infection control policies and procedures.

Empty urinary drainage bags and report to Nurse every shift; Report any irregularities to nurse.

Welcome new residents and help them adjust to new environment; Assist residents, family and staff to ensure a comfortable homelike environment, ie: assist resident to personalize room, monitor light and sound levels, temperature, etc.

Establish and maintain good public relations with residents, families and other guests.

Show empathy toward residents, as needed.

Observe safety needs of residents, including use of bed rails, rail pads, and other protective supports when ordered; Identify safety and security hazards and report to appropriate personnel after insuring resident is out of immediate danger.

Assist residents with personal care, including nails, hair, oral hygiene and dressing, following Universal Precautions Protocols; Encourage residents to do as much as he/she can do for themselves; Care for resident’s prosthesis as required; Drape residents for examinations and treatments; Prepare residents for bed rest; Give special care to residents in casts or traction, such as monitoring comfort, skin color, and temperature.

Moisturize resident’s skin; apply deodorant.

Assist residents with their physical needs including eating, bowel and bladder training, and assistance following incontinence, but encourage residents to perform those functions themselves to their capacity or ability.

Follow policies and procedures related to body mechanics, transfer, body positioning, and mobility as outlined in the nursing policies and procedures manual; Reposition residents, as needed, using supportive devices, when necessary (handrails, pillows, etc.) and report same.

Assist in transferring residents from chair to bed and back, as necessary; Ambulate residents with the use of assistive devices; Assist residents in and out of wheelchairs; Transport residents to treatment units.

Prepare residents for meals; Escort residents to dining room, when necessary; Assist with transport of food cart to dietary department, as necessary; Check trays with diet card before serving to resident; Set trays for residents; Serve and collect food trays; Assist residents who require help with the eating process; Chart percentage of meal eaten on food acceptance record; Offer alternate substitute for food not eaten.

Deliver between-meal nourishment and fresh drinking water to residents, encourage/assist resident in eating/drinking and document acceptance.

Complete appropriate charge and inventory slips; Monitor supply inventory daily to see what is needed; Clean equipment and return to proper area after use; Utilize supplies and equipment properly and without waste.

Straighten dresser tops and stands; Label, separate, and care for personal care items; Care for residents’ flowers and plants in assigned sections.

Maintain cleanliness of resident units, central bathing area, treatment and supply rooms, workrooms and linen closets; Clean bedpans, urinals, and commodes; Wash basins and emesis basins, Sanitize bath tub after each resident’s use; Clean floors if resident is incontinent; Wipe spilled foods and liquids.

Change and make beds; Collect and bag soiled linen and place soiled clothing in appropriate receptacle; Store clean linen; Place personal laundry in designated place according to policy; Maintain order of linen cart.

Assist in transportation of residents to and from activities.

Attend and participate in scheduled in-service programs and staff meetings.

Maintain confidentiality of necessary information.

Think and act calmly and logically to meet unusual occurrences of the job without being thrown off stride.

Perform other work assignments as may be required.

Educational Requirements: Successful completion of State Approved Nursing Assistant Training and Competency Evaluation Program; Name must appear on State Registry; Ability to communicate with residents and nursing staff.

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Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, disability, handicap, veteran status or any other legally protected category.

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